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Hi there!

We are a mother and daughter business venture that aims to beautify the simple things around us! We love to write, paint, and travel the world. 

Let us tell you a bit about ourselves. My mother is an 87-year-old famous writer and painter. She loves to travel and has visited many parts of the world as well! She loves exploring different cultures and traditions from around the world and incorporating their diversity into our business!

I am a professional media writer. I work with various broadcasting companies and meet and write about world-famous celebrities. Both my mother and I share a passion for painting. Our love for different cultures is our inspiration to create unique illustrations- each of which has an element of diverse beauty!

I bring the ideas to the table and my mother works her magic on blank canvases. She is truly a mastermind when it comes to painting! Together, we create art that is a fusion of various cultures!

The idea behind The Flying Turtle is to make the ordinary things around us more beautiful. The title itself represents a dream to fly and well, Turtle is just my nickname! We prioritize eco-friendly products for our future generations and want to simply portray our love for literature and art in what we do! Our paintings exotically celebrate nature's beauty. It's the mindset of TWO generations, writer, painter, and world traveler. Perfect for Wall Art corners!

We also specialize in nursery clothing along with minimalistic home décor and all our products are majorly based on the concept of sustainability. Every article is high quality and designed with intricate details that are hard to go unnoticed!

We aim to make the products viable globally. Hence we provide discounts and special promos as well! We like to ensure there are no roadblocks for you. Our goal is to provide you with the finest delivery alternatives possible, regardless of where you live!

Best Wishes, 

Flying Turtle